Board at DIGNITY

Board members and the Chairman of the board do not receive salary for their work.

Dea Seidenfaden

Special Psychologist, Area manager Copenhagen Municipality (Appointed by the Danish Psychological Association)

Vice Chairperson
Louise Holck

Director, Danish Institute of Human Rights (Appointed by the Danish Institute of Human Rights)

Manfred Nowak

Secretary general of the Global Campus of Human Rights (Appointed by the DIGNITY board)

Nomfundo Mogapi

Founder and CEO Centre for Mental Wellness and Leadership (CMWL) (Appointed by the DIGNITY board)

Lotte Leicht

EU director and director of HRW's Brussels office (Appointed by DIGNITYs board)

Tomas Martin

Senior Researcher, DIGNITY (Employee appointed, DIGNITY)

Emil Klørboe

Lawyer, Ehmer Pramming (Appointed by the Council of The Danish Bar and Law Society)

Marie Louise Nørredam

Professor, University of Copenhagen (Appointed by University of Copenhagen)

Camilla Noelle Rathcke

Chairperson, the Danish Medical Association (Appointed by the Danish Medical Association)

Lars Udsholt

Global Program Manager, OXFAM Ibis (Appointed by the board)

Karin Hansen

Physician, DIGNITY (Employee appointed alternate, DIGNITY)