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Lessons learned from 30 years of exposing human rights abuses and how we can use those lessons in the fight against torture.

This is how we work


We offer rehabilitation for refugees with physical and mental injuries from flight, war, & torture, and for the refugees’ families.


We monitor prisons, jails, closed psychiatric hospital wards, and institutions for foreigners deprived of their liberty.


We work with partners to collect and preserve evidence of torture and other international crimes.

International programmes

We work to advise other organisations and state authorities in a variety of countries.


We offer advice to authorities in Denmark and abroad in the fight against torture. We draw attention to violations of human rights.


We conduct research into the causes, consequences, and prevention of torture as well as efficient trauma rehabilitation.

Live talk with Special Rapporteur on Torture Dr. Alice Jill Edwards on March 21st

DIGNITY’s CEO Rasmus Grue Christensen will talk with Dr. Alice Jill Edwards about the current state of the anti-torture struggle and her first 8 months in office.

Latest news

We cooperate with partners in several countries

Our international programmes focus on creating access to sustainable rehabilitation of trauma victims.

Together with our partners around the world, we work for social and political change to ensure that all torture survivors have access to help.