You are not alone

The corona crisis has affected us all. This means that our lives have changed and have perhaps become more difficult than normal. That is why DIGNITY, with the support of TrygFonden, has created this site where you will find exercises and tools to help you unwind and activate your body.

Life in a foreign country

Migrating or having to flee from another country is a difficult journey. That is because migrants often miss their culture, their language and the neighborhood they once knew while simultaneously having to get to know a new country, learn a new language and integrate into a new culture.

What is PTSD?

When someone has been a victim of or a witness to traumatic events such as torture, abuse, war or other violent experiences, developing a stress-related condition called post-traumatic stress disorder – PTSD – is normal..

Life with PTSD

PTSD can have a devastating effect on someone's life. There are many different symptoms and signs of PTSD, e.g. anxiety, nightmares and insomnia. Fortunately, we know that professional treatment can make a positive difference.

Simple exercises

We have put together some exercises to help you find peace and tranquillity in stressful situations.

Sleep and rest

Sleep is important, but people who have PTSD or anxiety may find it difficult to relax. We have put together some useful sleep tips and resting positions that can be used to unwind both during the day and in the evening.

These positions can be used when you need to rest or sleep

Mindfulness exercise

Here is an exercise for you to do if you need to unwind.

Other recommendations

Exercises with a resistance band


DIGNITY is headquartered in Denmark, but works with partner organisations in around 20 countries.

DIGNITY has been certified by the Danish Health Authority as a highly specialised centre specialising in the rehabilitation of traumatised refugees. Under the provisions of the Danish Health Care Act, this treatment is free, and patients are referred by their own doctor via a referral form. DIGNITY’s care team works across professions and comprises physicians, physiotherapists, social workers, psychologists and interpreters. Our team helps the victims of torture, other extremely traumatised refugees and their families to process physical and psychological trauma and tackle social challenges.

Denmark also has other clinics like DIGNITY. They are called:

Der findes andre klinikker som DIGNITY i Danmark:

Referral to DIGNITY's clinic in Copenhagen

If you need a referral for rehabilitation, you must ask your doctor or a specialist physician.

Your doctor can find out more here (danish)