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Would you like to make an active contribution in the fight against torture and would you like to organise exciting events? - Then volunteer as a DIGNITEER!

141 countries practise torture and approx. 30 percent of the refugees who arrive in Denmark have been subjected to torture. DIGNITY wants to draw the Danish population’s attention to this, and as a volunteer you help us do so through awareness raising events, activities and campaigns. Our events raise funds for DIGNITY’s work and mobilise the Danes in the fight against torture.

This past year, DIGNITY has attracted the Danes’ attention with some unique concerts at the scenes of the Royal Danish Theatre, DIGNITY DAY in the King’s Garden in Copenhagen and as part of the summer season festivals. We are continuously working on adding exciting and profitable events and we would very much like to have you on our team.

The help of volunteers is crucial in enabling us to organise the many different events. We hope that you want to be part of an inspiring and fun network where you can really make a difference!

What does a DIGNITEER do?

We need the help of our volunteers at all stages of the event work; from planning, to coordination and organisation. As a volunteer, you decide in what way and how much you want to be involved.

We will contact you prior to the events where we need the assistance of our group of DIGNITEERS. The tasks to be completed in connection with an event vary and depend very much on the type of event. Typical examples are:

  • Practical: Lending a hand with setting up, helping with meals and refreshments backstage, collecting tickets
  • Communication: Telling the guests about DIGNITY, distributing pamphlets, overseeing competitions
  • Sales: Manning the bar and selling merchandise
  • Coordination: You can choose to become further involved by assuming responsibility for tasks where you can develop your idea and turn your idea into reality, as well as coordinate groups of volunteers during the event

We need many different types of volunteers in terms of competencies, roles, responsibilities and time.

Foto: Morten Kjær

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We need many different types of volunteers in terms of competences, roles and responsibilities.

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