Matters of Violence

How can we assemble accounts of the evasive forms of violence lodged in material pasts and futures in this era of fake news, omnipresent data and affective politics? Who is accountable for the violent afterlives of infrastructures? In a time when many of the established boundaries that structured common understandings of violations and responsibilities, matter and people, increasingly turn out unsettled, we urgently need to explore post-disciplinary and cross-domain methodologies to uncover the politics of violence.

KADK School of Architecture, DIGNITY and the Danish Institute for International Studies invite you to an intensive two-day reflection on how to push the envelope of investigations of violence—broadly conceived. The event brings together artists, human rights activists, designers, data scientists and social scientists around shared concerns with matters of violence. We aim to collectively explore the potentialities of transdisciplinary knowledge production. How can we draw upon a plurality of epistemologies to articulate concerns with human rights, violence and power at the threshold of invisibility? Can we develop methodologies that carefully mirror and follow the patchworked and disjunctured forms of perpetration and agency in an age of ruination and the Anthropocene?

To collectively investigate such questions, we have invited two leading ‘explorers’ of matters of violence in an age of contested facts and plural agency: Anna Tsing—anthropologist concerned with the more-than-human of the human condition in the Anthropocene—and Eyal Weizman—interdisciplinary forensic architect who reconstructs human rights abuses by any means necessary. While each does so in their own way, both inspire through their distinct, original commitment to open up new angles on matters of violence through minute attention to empirical detail. They will give a public lecture and partake in our workshop.

We invite submissions of projects—embryonic or ongoing—that work with the nexus between violence and materiality. We invite both thinkers and doers, artists and scientists, who work with theoretically informed and methodologically innovative projects, to submit introductions to their work in the form of a written synopsis (+/- 300 words) and, if relevant, associated audio-visual materials. We encourage collaborative projects that entail some form of cross-fertilization between art, architecture and anthropology and work with multifaceted approaches and outputs. In the collaborative spirit of the event,
please expect some subsequent exchange around your proposal and how it might fit in the event. We will strive to take the discussions of the seminar forward and curate a joint output.

The submission deadline is 27 January 2020. Please send your submission to Peer Schouten (, Runa Johannessen ( and Tomas Max Martin ( and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any question
you might have!

Download call (pdf)