The fight against torture in The Middle East and North Africa

The use of torture and other cruel, inhuman treatment is widespread in the Middle East and North Africa. Wars and violent conflicts put pressure on neighboring countries such as Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia, creating huge refugee flows and millions of people in dire need of help. Regimes maintain their power through oppression and abuse, and national justice systems leave much to be desired when it comes to the respect for people’s rights and dignity. But there are also countries such as Tunisia who, after the Arab Spring, has shown will and courage to take steps in another direction, and where there is now a new constitution and improved criminal laws in place to build on.

DIGNITY has over 25 years of experience from working in the region. In close cooperation with local partners and other relevant stakeholders, we support the rehabilitation of the many torture victims and traumatized refugees and support positive action in the fight against torture. In addition to rehabilitation, the effort for instance include: legal reform work, capacity building of relevant authorities, awareness-raising campaigns, and monitoring of prison conditions. We have offices in Tunisia and Jordan, and partners all over the region.

DIGNITY's efforts in the Middle East and North Africa are supported by the Danish-Arab Partnership ProgramME.

Consortium for Human Rights and Dialog

Since 2006, DIGNITY has been a strategic partner for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the Danish-Arab Partnership Program (DAPP). In 2016 we were chosen as the leading organization of the Danish-Arab Partnership Program's Consortium for Human Rights and Dialogue. The consortium consists of four other organizations besides DIGNITY: EuroMed Rights, Danish Institute for Human Rights, Danmission and the EuroMeditteranean Foundation of Support for Human Rights Defenders (EMHRF). 

The consortium works to promote human rights, religious diversity and dialogue in the region as well as in four focus-countries: Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco. The budget of the initiative is 200 million Danish kroner, and will be invested over the next five years under DAPP.

You can read more about DAPP and the consortium's work here.